This was the sunset the other night, on the 34th anniversary of the day of my birth. Like someone, somewhere placed it right there just for me because I love sunsets so much. 


There was absolutely nothing fancy about my birthday. In fact, it involved a nail gun, some pretty masculine work boots and arguably the worst job there is: raking and hauling leaves. And, if I was being honest, this wasn’t even the best sunset of the week. 

But birthdays are special (thanks mom and dad!) so the day was special. That breakfast my kids made me, lots of birthday love, and a whole Chemex to myself!!!  

Birthdays also have a way of making me think big picture. Today, I thought of life at 24 (I was 4 days away from marrying Josh!), and now 34 (3 of the most precious people in my whole life joined our family in the last decade….), and I wondered what 44 will be like. Or 54….or 64….you get the picture. 

Birthdays also make me think about what I might create before there aren’t any more birthdays….

I hope, above everything else, that I will create 3 children on this Earth who are kind, & loving and care deeply about the world around them. 

I also hope that I will help create something that makes your family happier, more connected, and less stressed. I hope I create a place where you just want to be because you feel so good when you’re here.

For the last few years I try to think of a word to describe my year ahead. Before the twins were born: “growth”. The year we found out Lucy would join our family: “surprise”! One of those years when I went into partnership with my brother and husband to run an incredible business: “challenge”. 

Don’t get me wrong: it’s not like I get to check the word off my list. Growth ✔️ Surprise ✔️ Challenge ✔️….nope, doesn’t work that way. But instead of pretending it’s not coming or seeing it as something negative, I greet whatever it is with open arms (or try to….). 

So, Year #34, I’m going to call you: “Create”.

Here’s to staying mindful of those things I’m trying to create. Both for my family and for your family. 

Joanna is still a relative newbie to blogging, but not a newbie to resorting. After a childhood of playing at Brookside she is learning how to own Brookside.