It’s with mixed emotions that we check another Minnesota summer off the list. Because summers here are SO FUN. And also because the end of summer means jumping back into the routine of school and work. And, although we know those things are necessary, they just aren’t as much fun as summer at Brookside.


So, just when we started to mourn the loss of hot summer sunshine and an endless supply of ice cream cones we remembered what comes next: FALL!!


And then we settled right back down. Because, while summer is fun and fast and active, fall is slow and peaceful and quiet. While a good summer day leaves us feeling a little sunburnt and exhausted, a good fall day leaves us feeling rested and calm and content. 


Fall in Minnesota is peace and quiet that stretches on for miles. It’s a pace that slows down to a crawl and a lake so glassy smooth that you can’t tell up from down. It’s the sound of leaves falling and fish jumping. And chilly nights that cool the lake water down just enough for the Walleye to magically reappear.


It’s a ski run on the lake without a single other boat and it’s a bike ride with only the company of our friendly neighborhood wildlife.


Fall in Minnesota is reading book after book on a lawn chair by the beach and sleeping with the windows open. It’s sitting on the end of the dock and not being able to see another human being. It’s long evenings by the bonfire and classic “sweatshirt weather”.


And once the leaves start turning vibrant reds, oranges and yellows it’s driving down roads you have never explored before just to see the beauty that has been hiding there in the woods all year. (We highly recommend Itasca State Park and the stretch of Highway 34 between Park Rapid and Detroit Lakes for one of those fall color expeditions!) If you want to get serious about the fall colors, you can use the Minnesota DNR’s Fall Color Finder for your best chance at finding fall leaves at their peak colors.  


And although we still think summer is Minnesota’s very best season, fall is a pretty close second. So, during this second best season we are feeling solidly committed to recharging our batteries on lake views, fall colors and bonfires. We hope you get some time to do the same! 



Joanna is almost going to stop calling herself a newbie at blogging. And after a childhood of playing at Brookside, she has now been part of owning it for almost 7 years!