Bits about Brookside

Just can’t get enough Brookside? Follow along with our blog to learn everything from the best bike trail in our area to the secret recipe behind our famous Bait Sundae. 

The Monarch Butterfly Nursery at Brookside

What started with one monarch caterpillar named “Bear” and a repurposed flower vase turned into a nature-loving, science-class inspiring, eco-friendly operation of hatching monarch caterpillars into monarch butterflies and letting them go into the nature that we love.   We called it summer science class. [...]

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Speed Zone Ahead: “Middle Fall”

It’s a weird in-between season around here. Not exactly fall because those leaves are long gone and the only color in the trees alternates between a half-dead brown and white snow, depending on the day’s high temperature. And not exactly full-blown winter because....well, basically only [...]

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Minnesota’s Second Best Season

It’s with mixed emotions that we check another Minnesota summer off the list. Because summers here are SO FUN. And also because the end of summer means jumping back into the routine of school and work. And, although we know those things are necessary, they [...]

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Spring is in the Air

It’s spring time at Brookside, and because we live in Northern Minnesota we know it’s going to be short. And while most Minnesotans just find this to be the price we pay to enjoy the best summers on Earth, we resorters think of it a [...]

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