When I started this blog a few years ago, my mentor in resorting told me: “There is nothing worse than a dead blog. If you’re not going to post regularly, don’t do it.”

Now, what she meant was there is nothing worse than a dead blog for my marketing strategy. But let’s be real: this has never really been about my marketing strategy. (Also, if I have a marketing strategy it’s something like: love this place and talk about it.) 

This blog has been a way to connect more deeply with the community. It’s a way to tell stories and share our experiences in and around a place we all love.  And, as I lean into the wisdom of my (late) 30’s, I find that almost everything I give my time and energy to is really about that: connecting more deeply.

I had this blog half-written earlier this week when we lost a friend. It was sudden. Our hearts are broken. This friend and his beautiful family also own a resort. One a lot like Brookside. 

When I opened my computer again, I found my own words about connecting deeply. 

Our friend was one of the most deeply connected people we knew. 

So, in his memory, I offer a simple thank you for your connection to us. 

Thank you for helping us carry our grief. And thank you for the times when you have let us help you carry yours. 

Thanks for the joy and the laughter. Thanks for your stories and your holiday cards. 

Thank you for traditions. And family. And friends.  

And thanks for reading my very sporadic blogs. 

No one wants a reminder that we get one wild and precious life. Yet, here we are being reminded. 



Joanna is the co-owner of Brookside Resort. After spending an entire childhood playing here, she is now one decade in on owning the place.