It’s the most wonderful time of the year: holiday lights are hung, Christmas baking is in full swing and your 2020 summer reservation info is soon to hit the mailboxes (and inboxes)! In case you don’t get around to reading the letter or don’t have a 2020 reservation (yet…) here is this year’s little ditty about Brookside:

It’s time! Time to do one of the best things you do for your family all year. Time to plan your summer vacation. You plan all kinds of stuff: practice, carpools, meetings, dinner parties, exercise, commutes to work, dog grooming, grocery shopping, lawn care, work schedules, school schedules and oil changes.  

And even though that stuff is important and enriching for your family, it can drain the energy right out of you. 

So, what’s different about planning your family vacation? This is the thing you do for your family that has the potential to put energy back into the system! And since we know how important that is, we want your family vacation to be just what you need. So, here is what you can expect from a Brookside vacation: 

We are a big, active, fun family resort in Park Rapids, MN. Our big, active, fun energy comes from kids and families. (So if kids aren’t your vibe, you might want to visit us in the fall, not the summer)

We have 29 housekeeping cabins (that means they have fully stocked kitchens and you get to cook your own meals). Our cabins are modern, but not fancy (think: air conditioning, but no dishwashers) and spread out along 2000 feet of lakeshore. 

Speaking of our lake: we think it’s a hidden gem. Two Inlets Lake is a medium sized lake (around 600 acres for those of you who like the numbers) that is big enough for all of the water sports (we are particularly fond of waterskiing) and has great fishing (think panfish, not walleye).  It’s clean as a whistle and home to all kinds of Minnesota wildlife from the glamorous (loons, blue herons and eagles) to the not-so-glamorous (rock bass, skunks, and geese).  

When you aren’t on or in the lake, there is TONS to do at Brookside. We offer a full weekly schedule of activities for everyone in your family from the toddlers to the grandparents. We play miniature golf, we make crafts, we call bingo, we teach waterskiing, we rent boats, we scoop ice cream, we swim in the pool, we build sandcastles, we catch fish, we play video games, we do yoga, and we paddle all kinds of different water toys. And once you’re here all of these activities are included in your cabin stay. 

If you like to explore while you are on vacation you will be happy to discover that we are only 10 miles from Itasca State Park (in our opinion: the BEST Minnesota state park) and 14 miles from Park Rapids (in our opinion: the QUAINTEST little town in Minnesota lakes country). 

This is a choose-your-own-adventure kind of vacation. You can do as much or as little of the schedule as you want. So if you recharge your energy by being active: we have you covered. If you need quiet time on the beach: we also have you covered (and we will keep your family entertained for you while you disconnect). And if everyone in your family recharges their energy differently: we think we have that covered, too! 

How do we know all this to be true? It’s because we have a LOT of experience in family vacations. Our family has been helping other families vacation “up north” for over 40 years. And we believe in it so strongly that we are now raising the third generation of our family at Brookside. 

So, whether it’s your first visit or your 50th visit, welcome to our little family recharging station. We think you will find it to be magical. 

Joanna is working hard to publish blogs more often because she loves sharing the magic of Brookside (and also writing about herself in the 3rd person, apparently). After a lifetime of growing up at Brookside she is now working on owning the place.