It’s cold. And snowy. And the sun sets at 5:11 pm up north these days. So there is nothing we like to do more than look through some of our summer pictures and think about things like lake hand stands and bonfires. We also use this time to plan for Summer 2018. So, wondering what we have been up to? Here is a little wintertime update.

Cabin #15 is getting some serious love this off-season. This cabin was built somewhere around 1952 and has some great vintage charm. But, unfortunately, it also had some seriously small bedrooms. No better solution than adding a second story. It will remain a three bedroom, but we will add a second bathroom. We have been able to salvage lots of cool stuff from the original cabin: 12” paneling from the roof, three panel crank-out windows that have a future as mirrors, lots and lots of pine v-groove, and some really cool pieces from the old fireplace. We are going to reuse all of these things in the remodel! We have also had fun finding a way to use every nook and cranny – including a suitcase storage spot under the stairs, a pantry tucked up against the water heater and a cool “bump-out” for an upstairs bed nook.

This project has also given us the chance to try some new ideas like a steel roof, shiplap walls and a handicap accessible shower on the first floor. Once it’s all said and done this will be one spacious cabin…with the same unbelievable view of the lake!

Here are a few sneak peek photos: 


When we get a break in the action of Cabin #15 (or when the drywall is being taped and mudded!) we are scooting over to Cabin #12 to rebuild the front wall with all new double pane, UV coated windows. We are hoping this upgrade will make the whole cabin cooler. And, if it works like we think it will, the other nine Aframes will get the same upgrade in the next few years.

There are a few other fun things going on at Brookside this winter….like sledding, snow forts, a few beach vacations, and a little behind the scenes updating (think websites, postcards, new merchandise and other fun stuff like that!) We sent the first kid out of the nest this fall (Jamie’s oldest Ellie went to Kindergarten!) and we are adjusting to school schedules and bus pick-up/drop-off times.

We are also proudly watching as Jamie’s wife Jen (you might know her as our resident Zumba instructor….) and her business partner build a beautiful, modern, and new Eye Clinic in Park Rapids. They plan to open mid-March and you won’t miss it the next time you visit Park Rapids on Highway 34 about 3 blocks west of Main Street!!

In between all that fun, we are soaking up lots of family time, catching up on Netflix and enjoying this winter season! The cross-country skis have come off the rack, the fat bike has been out and lots of winter sunsets have been photographed.

And just think: only 18 weeks until summer 2018 starts at Brookside!!!!

Joanna is still a relative newby at blogging, but not at resorting. After a childhood of growing up at Brookside she is now learning how to own Brookside.