It’s the middle of a most beautiful, sunny warm Minnesota summer and we are moving at full speed ahead around here! Both the fish and the mosquitoes are biting – and you might have noticed that the Brookside blog has been a bit quiet since February (insert face palm emoji here). In five minutes or less, here is what is keeping us so darn busy:

  1. Finishing the pool deck!! And might we say: it’s AWESOME!!! Our spring weather didn’t exactly cooperate with our plans, but never-the-less, the deck was ready for swimming Memorial Weekend. This fall, when the speed slows down and we finally compile all of the pictures, we will tell you all about the process and the $70 in quarters we found under there!

2. Filling up on the best summer weather around!!! Minnesota summers truly do not disappoint and we have enjoyed every bit of it – from lake jumps to sunsets to everything in between. No time to blog while the sun is still shining (and sunset still isn’t until 9:04 pm these days!!)

3. Perfecting the workforce recruitment strategy “Grow Your Own Staff” Yep, you read that right – Jamie and Jenni are adding another Keller kid to this crazy crew in November! By 2030 we should have all SEVEN of them trained in.

Hope you are filling up on sunshine and lake time this summer! And if you’re going to be this busy – make sure you are also having this much fun!!

Joanna spent her childhood playing at Brookside and is now getting to watch her own kids do the same! Owning a resort has been on her resume for about 8 years.