Summer 2017 wrapped up a few weeks ago and it was all the usual fun you expect from a summer at Brookside….plus one tiny little out of the ordinary thing that we need to tell you all about. And that was the night we all became Peacemakers. 


Although our weekly activity schedule is pretty jam-packed, we squeezed in one extra event during the second week in August when we got a chance to host an unbelievably fun, spontaneous concert event at the Brookside Concert Cove (known to you as the basketball court) and Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers  found themselves at their 2nd (annual?? fingers crossed…) backyard barbecue concert at Brookside Resort.


How, you might ask, did this happen? Well, the quick version is that Josh and Joanna are major fans of this very fun, very talented band (think: named their kid after the band….) and knew you could put in a request for a Backyard Barbecue Concert. This means that if the band is touring close to your backyard, there is a slight chance you could score a private concert. Well, our luck came in last September and we thought we had a once-in-a-lifetime concert in the Concert Cove. It was magical. Amazing. Unbelievable. And we planned to hang the pictures in our house and remember it always.


THEN, we got back on the list for a repeat performance: but this time it wasn’t on a calm, low-key weekend in September, but smack in the middle of one of the busiest weeks of our summer season! We said yes because – well, you only live ONCE!


We made a backdrop, hung some Christmas lights, found a food truck, invited the neighbors, sent a letter to all of the Brookside guests who were lucky enough to be here for the concert, experimented with Facebook live, danced in the grass, sang along, and marveled at the way fun just oozes out of the trees here.


And it was So. Much. Fun. Even the band had so much fun (they told us when they joined us for a classic Minnesota bonfire before they had to get back on their bus). And all of the Brookside guests had so much fun (we knew because more of them were dancing than sitting). And the whole neighborhood had so much fun (because they could hear the music loud and clear whether they were in Concert Cove or on the other side of the lake!) 


And now the most frequently asked question is: are we going to do it again next year??



Joanna is still a newbie to blogging, but not a newbie to resorting. After a childhood of playing at Brookside she is learning how to own Brookside. And she does not plan to add Concert Planning to her full-time resume…..