Have you ever heard of a “Mom and Pop resort”? Well, that is one of our favorite terms to throw around in the resorting biz. It means that – literally – Mom and Pop are the ones who are running the joint. In this very glamorous world “running the joint” refers to: pumping the gas, serving the ice cream, cleaning the cabins, ordering the merchandise, hiring the staff, mowing the grass, raking the beach, buying the paddle boards, playing with your kids, cleaning the pool, planting the flowers, checking you in, checking you out, answering the phone, returning your emails, updating the website, designing the postcards, fixing your plumbing, and making your malts.

Mom and Pop are the HR department, the marketing team, the maintenance crew, the cleaning staff, and everything in between. They are literally sitting at their kitchen table eating dinner when you call at 5:30 pm (hint, hint…) and up bright and early on a Saturday morning in the summer hoping everyone leaves on time.

Brookside Resort owners and operators

(Our Original “Mom and Pop” – Mary Jane & Dave and The New “Mom and Pop(s)” – Jamie, Joanna & Josh)


So, what is the big deal? Why does this matter? Because somewhere in between running a business and living a life (oh yeah, Mom and Pop also live at the resort….) some crazy meaningful relationships are built.

When you come back to a Mom and Pop resort every summer for 30 years, we are waiting here for you. We can’t wait to meet the baby you announced last summer, or the new fiancé your son brought with you. We get your graduation announcements and plaster them all over our lodge. We look at your wedding albums and mourn with you when a beloved member of the family passes away.

Our family also grows with your family. Sons and daughters who once scooped your ice cream and babysat your kids are now sending your reservation details via email, buying you king-sized beds and introducing you to their kids. It’s the circle of life – vacation style. And there is something deeply meaningful about it.

In a moment, it slows down your busy schedule, brings back a flood of childhood memories, and hooks you for life. You will never get enough of a night’s sky full of stars, a perfectly still lake, or the smell of a campfire (even if it won’t wash out of your favorite sweatshirt for DAYS…).

You won’t ever find a Groupon or a coupon code for a Mom and Pop resort, you can’t buy in to the timeshare, and there aren’t reward points to redeem. But everything else…the friendship, the family time, the place to disconnect from life and reconnect with your family….it’s all included. And Mom and Pop will be waiting for you to arrive (and if you’re late they might call you to make sure you’re ok…)

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Joanna is still a relative newbie at blogging….but not at resorting. After a childhood of playing at Brookside, she is quickly learning how to fill the shoes of resort “Mom”.