If Brookside had a 2023 Word of the Year, it might be Balance. 

We’re trying to do that impossible task (many of you can probably relate) of balancing all the things. 

Around here, that means: projects, ideas, marketing, reservations, technology, repairs, and lately – shoveling snow! 

And at the same time, spending our evenings chauffeuring our children, our weekends at basketball tournaments, and our early mornings playing with a new puppy. 

Through some conversations over the last few months with all of you, we are finding there are a few things at Brookside we might not have told you. So, just in case: here are some new and old updates:

  1. Periodically, we get an email suggesting an electric vehicle charger. Funny thing: our new building has one!! The adapter comes in and out with the weather, so we are pretty sure almost none of you know about this. But now you can rest easy knowing your electric vehicle can charge while you play in the lake. 
  2. The Zoom Room internet is phenomenal. This is also the first (and probably only)  “kid free” space that will ever exist at Brookside. It’s open 24 hours (unlocked all day, and accessible with a key code at night) for you to check your emails, join that virtual meeting, or find a quiet spot to take a quick break from family vacation chaos (we won’t tell anyone!)
  3. We’re redesigning the website. It’s time for a digital refresh and we’re excited to work with a Brookside staff alumni on the project. There will be some opportunities for wait-list notifications, clearer cabin pages, easier access to the availabilities, and more information about the week-specific activities! We will let you know when it’s ready to be unveiled! 
  4. Speaking of a digital refresh: we are also getting new reservation software! This software is light years more updated than the program we have been running and will open up all kinds of new options like digital payments, checking availability online, and text messaging. 
  5. Beachside Yoga is back! That’s right, we talked Josh into getting his Yoga Teacher Training Certification this year. He will be all ready to start teaching classes in May. We are excited to see how Josh combines his extensive body knowledge (did you know he is both the Captain of the Minnow Races AND a Doctor of Physical Therapy?) with his new knowledge on the practice of yoga. 
  6. Cabin  #30! Yes, that’s right (for those of you who aren’t on social media) – we bought another cabin. It’s what you affectionally call a “tear down” – so we get to start over with some big new ideas. We have been watching the popularity of “reunion style” cabins grow over the past ten years and finally get to fit this concept into the Brookside bubble. While it’s still in the design phase, we are looking at a large cabin that comfortably sleeps 20-24 people. There will be a large common space with some definite Aframe vibes. We’re also playing with screen porches, King-sized beds, and a private beachfront area. Because of both the size of this project, and our attempt to keep at least some BALANCE in our lives –  this cabin is not scheduled to hit the rental market until 2025. 

As always, we love hearing your ideas and feedback and we are always thinking about ways to make your vacation wonderful. If you find a great idea – send us a picture. If you think of something that would make your cabin even better – tell us! We will try our best to make it happen. 


After a wonderful childhood of playing at a resort, Joanna is starting to wonder how many years you have to own a resort before you feel like you know what you’re doing. She solemnly swears she will write another blog before 2024.